Fellow investors,

I’m an autist from wallstreetbets sub.

We’ve created and entered a new era of investments where traditional/institutional investors cannot keep up.

It’s time to beat the crypto hodlers at their own game, you already know the drill. So here’s the deal:

Wallstreetbetscoin is now available, with a maximum supply cap of 2,1 million, can we get it 100x more valuable? Yes, we can.

Right now there are 100k WSBC in existence, all of them placed in the initial distribution contract which can be found here: https://etherscan.io/address/0xD7C74D3Fc6fD159E91470Ed2392cFfb7FDe23a4e

You can buy WSBC from the official page at https://wallstreetbets.com

If you…

This is a personal story about my bitter-sweet experience with trading. Hopefully, the following lines will compel you to reconsider venturing into day-trading.

I began my journey by investing in stocks two years ago (around June 2018). I had some savings and I aspired to earn a bigger return than my bank had offered for yearly deposits. Bonds would have also been an option, but I wasn’t satisfied with the return on them either. In Romania, the average yearly bank deposit return was around 2.8% in local currency (RON), or around 0.3% in EUR. Bonds here have an average annual…

I’d like to start this publication with a short story about John Law. For those who do not know who this guy is, I’ll briefly wrap up his bio. He’s an economist born in Scotland, at the end of the 17th century and he is the founder of France’s first central bank. He introduced the idea of a central bank to a then crumbling economy in order to reduce the national debt by replacing it with shares in economic ventures. He introduced banknotes which were backed up by gold. …

Vlad Sa


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